Green Restaurant Riccione

Welcome to the Green Restaurant in Riccione, where elegance, good taste and quality make it special lunch and dinner. We delight every day your good taste with healthy cuisine and delicate, that prefers quality dishes of our region, cooked with care to enhance the natural flavors.

Only quality ingredients and recipes attentive to natural flavours.

The Menu at the Green Restaurant reflects Atlantic Hotel's values in quality: to a degree that it is personally approved by Madam Anna Maria Assirelli Ricci, owner of our hotel. Along with a team of young but highly experienced and talented cooks, our Chef Lucio Antonietti has put his mark of excellence over every dish ever featured here the last 30 years.

So, as thanks to a combination of first class ingredients and professional cooking techniques, lunch or dinner at the Green Restaurant Riccione is always an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Our Kitchen Brigade at The Green

The highlight of our menu is the quality produce used and the professionality, passion experience from our team of chefs and kitchen staff. Our talented brigade style team is expertly guided by chef Pasquale Riccio:

  • Salvatore di Fraia, pantry chef (garde manger) and sauce expert at the Green- stylizes every main course and sauce.
  • Ivan Pantaleoni, entremetier- responsible for fresh pasta preparation, hot appetizers and soups.
  • Marco Franceschetti, roast meat specialist - looks after the cooking of meats and fish both roasted and grilled.
  • Davide Cicoria our fish expert- manages the preparation of fresh fish and local seafood.
  • Andrea Boga vegetable specialist- she looks after vegetarian and vegan cuisine, soups and delicious vegetable purees.
  • Eveline Ugliola is patissière of the Green: sweets, desserts and ice creams are her specialties.

In essence at the Green Restaurant you will taste the finest of fresh seafood offered daily, worked in combination with local recipes. An absolute have is the piadina riccionese (a local flat bread) which can be eaten filled with cured meats or as a complement to the mediterrean dishes gracing our menu.

All foods and produce can be found in our grand buffet spread. Our restaurant's reputation is truly well renowned and the reason can be found in both our daily seasonal menu or our grand degustation menu.