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The best good morning

We dedicate particular attention to breakfast, in order to offer all our guests an exceptional “Good Morning”.

Our grand buffet breakfast offers a vast selection of sweet and savoury hot and cold dishes.

We have also focused particular attention on the selection of low-calorie foods.


Hot drinks, including quality blends of coffee, are served to guests at the table and we also offer a selection of fresh fruit and citrus fruit juices.

When the weather’s warm, breakfast is served in the elegant and welcoming Sirio room, offering guests incomparable views of the beach.

Every day the buffet includes a variety of delicacies prepared by our pastry chef: at the Atlantic good food accompanies every morning.

The Atlantic Grand Breakfast: when you awake, a breakfast that will help you carry on dreaming.

The breakfast room is elegant and offers great sea views and the buffet includes over 100 fresh and tasty dishes.

The service is impeccable with guests warmly welcomed and offered a tailor-made menu, prepared as they wait and promptly served with great courtesy. This is what a good morning is like at the Atlantic Hotel in Riccione.


Atlantic Grand Breakfast

Every day enjoy your stay!

Teas, coffees & drinks.

Natural mineral water.
Sparkling mineral water.
Orange juice.
ACE fruit juice.
Pineapple juice.
Grapefruit juice.
Fresh vegetable smoothie.
Grapefruit smoothie.
Fruits of the forest smoothie.
Freshly-squeezed orange juice.
Cold milk.
Hot milk.
Espresso coffee.
American coffee.
Barley coffee.
Ginseng coffee.
Hot chocolate.
Green tea.
Lipton tea.
Earl Grey/Earl Grey green tea.
English Breakfast tea.
Decaffeinated tea.
Fruits of the forest tea.
Herbal teas.
Chamomile tea.

Jam, marmalades, honeys & creams

Apricot, black cherry, red cherry, strawberry, fruits of the forest, peach and plum jam and orange marmalade.
Raspberries, blueberries.
Chef’s homemade jam.
Mixed flower honey.
Acacia honey.
Lime-tree honey.
Nutella chocolate spread.
Liver pâté.
Ham pâté.
Cheese pâté.

Sweet buffet

Traditional croissants.
Jam-filled croissants.
Chocolate-filled croissants.
Apple turnovers.
Raisin plaits.
Cream muffins.
Chocolate muffins.
Jam tart.
Chocolate tart.
Walnut tart.
Traditional cake.
Vanilla cake.
Chocolate cake.
Apple cake.
Hazelnut cannoli.
Cream cannoli.
Chocolate cannoli.
Milk pastries.
Chocolate pastries.
Puff pastries.
Alkermes-flavoured baked “peaches”.
Shortbread biscuits.
Yoghurt biscuits.

Savoury buffet

Savoury croissants.
Salt-sprinkled flatbread.
Olive flatbread.
Cherry tomato flatbread.
Sesame seed breadsticks.
Olive breadsticks.
Tomato-flavoured crispbreads.
Milk bread rolls.
Wholemeal bread rolls.
Multi-grain bread rolls.
Tuscan bread (salt-free).
Rye bread/Brown bread.
Sliced bread.
Soft boiled eggs.
Scrambled eggs.
Boiled ham.
Hand-sliced cured ham.
Smoked ham.
Milano salami.
Local salami.
Smoked pancetta.
Pork sausages.
Coppa (cured cold cut).
Fontina cheese.
Sheep’s-milk ricotta cheese.
Robiola cheese.
Taleggio cheese.
Bel Paese cheese.
Cow’s-milk caciotta cheese.
Primo Sale cheese.
Cream cheese.


Diet and organic selection

Chocolate cereal.
Strawberry cereal.
Rice cakes.
Wholemeal crispbreads.
Rye bread.
Wholemeal bread.
Low-calorie jams.
Organic jams.
Mixed dried fruit and nuts.
Dried figs.

Seasonal fruit:
Apples, Pears.
Kiwis, Oranges.
Bananas, Peaches.
Pineapples, Melons.

Organic products

Organic rice cakes.
Organic crispbreads.
Organic peach and strawberry jam.
Soya milk.
Rice milk.

For celiacs

Assorted shortbread biscuits.
Mini croissants.


Crepes filled with vanilla, chocolate, jam or honey, bite-size choux buns filled with chocolate or Chantilly cream, buffet of cheese and sliced cold cuts.