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The city’s open-air lounge

The new Lungomare della Libertà promenade, which is also the Atlantic’s address, is an authentic open-air lounge: 500 metres long, it leads to Viale Ceccarini, alternating areas where people can relax, water features, fountains, flower gardens and palm trees all surrounded by dynamic and welcoming architecture that is unparalleled in Europe.

With its sophisticated fountains, luxurious street furnishings, flower beds filled with Mediterranean plants and sparkling lights, Riccione’s new promenade Lungomare della Libertà is a pedestrian zone that leads from Riccione harbour to the stage in Piazzale Roma and Viale Ceccarini.

Built between 2006 and spring 2008 it has completely transformed the skyline making what was already the most prestigious part of the resort one of the most elegant and delightful spots on the Riviera.

The Atlantic Hotel overlooks the very heart of Riccione’s new promenade Lungomare della Libertà under which lies the hotel’s underground garage. Thanks to this facility, guests can reach the promenade directly by car, enter the handy underground garage and use the convenient lift to reach the hotel.

As well as the functional aspect of the project and the beauty of the elegant architectural solutions adopted, one of the main features of the new Lungomare della Libertà in Riccione is that safety has been given a primary role.

Safety above all for our guests and their families: today, the Atlantic overlooks the beach given that, without exception, the new promenade is off-limits to vehicles; even young children can now head to the beach without the risk of coming across any traffic.

Car safety is also a consideration for those who choose the Atlantic Garage: in fact, the garage offers video-surveillance and has been designed to guarantee maximum security for those parking their vehicles there. Furthermore, great attention to detail has been paid in building the garage: background music, daylight illumination and natural light mean guests do not feel they are in a basement.

Above ground the area is a key attraction for those who wish to relax: on one side there is a bicycle path, whilst the central part, which is paved entirely in Istria stone, is a splendid and charming promenade that comes to life in the evening, with the sound of the waves breaking on the beach.

Indeed one of the best aspects of this new feature is the considerable reduction in road traffic noise: look out from your balcony and you’ll even hear the whisper of the waves…

Whilst walking towards Viale Ceccarini guests will come across Piazza dell’Acqua, formed by four elegant, large white marble fountains that accompany visitors with their jets of water, with the street lighting creating a fascinating spectacle.

Then there’s Piazza delle Palme whose huge palm trees offer an opportunity for a cool break on one of the benches under their large branches.

Approaching Viale Ceccarini you cannot fail to note the beautiful white gazebo in Piazza dell’Ombra: here too visitors can spend time relaxing or playing a game of chess or draughts in the shade of the gazebo.

The innovative Atlantic garage under the new Lungomare della Libertà is only accessible to hotel guests who can enable both vehicle and pedestrian entrance using a special magnetic card.

For more information on the availability and cost of garage facilities visit our Atlantic Garage Riccione page.

Technical specifications

The new Lungomare della Libertà was built over a period of 18 months between December 2006 and May 2008. It covers a total length of 500 metres, between Riccione canal harbour and Piazzale Roma (Viale Ceccarini), and can accommodate up to 361 cars on a total area of 12,500 m².

Designed by the architect Andrea Matteoni, the overall cost of the project was over 15 million euro and provided for the creation of 5 successive areas or “piazzas”, each with its own identity; from the canal harbour these are called Piazza della Nave, Piazza dell'Acqua, Piazza delle Palme, Piazza dell'Ombra and Piazza del Sole respectively.

The Atlantic Hotel overlooks Piazza dell’Acqua, in the most central and delightful part of the new promenade in Riccione.

The particular architectural and landscape value of the new Lungomare della Libertà is already an example that many cities dream of imitating.

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