The Atlantic Hotel directly overlooks the beach: guests just need to go down the white flight of steps that leads towards the sea to pass from the elegant, Mediterranean-style hotel lobby to Riccione’s fine sandy beach.

There’s no road to cross and traffic is far away, so guests can spend delightful moments relaxing on the seashore and enjoy the numerous beach facilities and services available.


In Riccione, each beach features a number (86) and the name of the beach attendant (Davide) who welcomes guests on arrival. When you get to the Atlantic Hotel you’ll be able to choose your sun umbrella and the options and facilities you prefer for your stay on the beach.

We can reserve beach facilities for you when you make your booking.

Furthermore, if you book your holiday online you’ll receive the discounts provided for by any offers available on beach facilities.

You can choose a Standard Holiday package at the beach in front of the hotel that includes a sun umbrella or canopy, in the closest position to the sea available, along with 2 sun beds for € 36.00 a day.


We also offer complete packages like the Excellence Holiday package that for € 230.00 includes:

  • 7 days on the beach, with a sun umbrella in the first row;
  • 2 sun beds with a cushion and 2 beach towels;
  • private cabin with fridge;
  • pedalo, twin-hulled row boat or canoe;
  • mini-club for 5 hours a day (10-12 am and 5-8 pm);
  • hot shower in a shower cubicle.

You can book your beach facilities directly online along with your holiday by clicking on “services & options” after choosing your room type.