Riccione Winter Beach: the endless summer!
The winter beach of Riccione open all year? Our new indoor beach with heated sand offers exclusive opportunities for your leisure time and for your family.

It is an exclusive plus that will make your stay unforgettable at the Atlantic Resort in Riccione, the only hotel with an indoor beach in Italy.

It's not a mirage, it's Riccione Winter Beach: the internal beach of Atlantic Hotel & Spa in Riccione.

A small beach, covered and perfectly air-conditioned, overlooking the sea.

The sand (heated) of our best beaches, the authentic water of our sea, in a new and elegant covered and heated space, where you can live hours of relaxation with the whole family.

Over 800 square meters in which you will find a large swimming pool with authentic 30 ° sea water, a 20-seater whirlpool with 37 ° water and the new By the Sea pool, where the 37 ° sea water breaks on the sand, just like at the seaside.

View from the Lungomare the new Riccione Winter Beach is a real surprise: come and experience it personally and discover how pleasant it is to relax at the sea, even in the middle of winter.

Continue to follow us, and contact us on 0541 1780815 to book your day in Atlantic Winter Beach.

Atlantic Winter Beach Photo Gallery