Wellness Suite

To ensure your holiday is truly delightful

In the programme for a perfect day of relaxation and wellness, time spent pampering yourself is fundamental: the frenetic pace of daily life and the stress of working often stop us from dedicating the time we need to regenerating and fortifying ourselves.

An à la carte service 
Dedicated to wellness and relaxation, beauty and body care, the facilities and treatments offered by the Atlantic Wellness Suite are an authentic cure-all: thanks to the professionalism of our team of experts, at any time during their holiday, guests can choose one of the numerous treatments offered on our Wellness Menu.
There are numerous opportunities to personalize treatments: in fact, guests can request a simple, but delightful relaxing massage or an entire package of specialist treatments.
The service can be booked in advance or requested directly on arrival or at any time during your stay at the hotel, deciding with our wellness manager the type and duration of treatment required.
As you can see, from every point of view the Atlantic is synonymous with wellness!

Every day 
Every day, from 8 am to 8 pm, choose your favourite programme at the Wellness Suite: contact our reception on the free phone number 800.239065 (from Italy only) or on our e-mail address reception@hotel-atlantic.com for more information.

Tailor-made for you 
We offer a series of personalized packages, such as “Beauty Day” (1 day), “Weekend” (2 days) and “Relaxing Week” (7 days), so guests can programme a complete series of tailor-made treatments. Contact us and our wellness manager will be delighted to arrange a special programme for you, based on your particular needs and the times you prefer.

Atlantic Wellness Suite 
Massages, Wellness and Beauty Treatments.
The average duration of a massage is 50 minutes.
• Anti-stress massage € 80.00.
• Ayurvedic massage € 80.00.
• Massage with essential oils € 80.00.
• Relaxing massage € 80.00.
• Sports massage € 80.00.
• Lymph-draining massage € 80.00.
• Toning massage € 80.00.
• Shoulder-neck massage € 80.00.
• Anti-cellulite massage € 80.00.
• Muscle relaxant massage € 80.00.
• Earth & sky 4-hand massage € 130.00.
• Facial anti-age treatment 5* € 75.00.
• Shiatsu massage € 80.00.
• Body skin silk scrub € 75.00.
• Bio-energetic massage € 80.00.
• Deluxe power scrub € 75.00.
• Plantar reflexology € 80.00.
• Total depilation € 40.00.
• Hot stone massage (90 minutes) € 90.00.
• Partial depilation € 30.00.
• Revitalizing massage € 80.00.
• Manicure with nail varnish € 30.00.
• Chocolate anti-cellulite massage € 80.00.
• Pedicure with nail varnish € 40.00.

Ideal for combating joint pain and fatigue and regaining vitality. It includes:
• 1 massage using essential oils 
It favours the improvement of overall conditions, thanks to a blend of pure essential oils and precious vegetable extracts.
• 1 facial anti-age treatment
Thanks to the properties of precious stones, this is a moisturizing, toning and compacting treatment for skin that improves tone and elasticity.
 1 plantar reflexology treatment
Favours the reading of possible organ dysfunctions, providing preventive treatment.

€ 180.00