Atlantjde Area, Atlantic Hotel Riccione 4 star Superior

Atlantjde is a large area dedicated to our guests’ wellness and relaxation; it was designed so that we could offer an exclusive facility, such as the unique swimming pool, which is filled with seawater from Riccione and the Riviera in general, not only in the summer but 365 days a year.

We wanted to ensure that guests could enjoy diving into a pool filled with seawater both during the bright days of summer in Riccione, when it really is a pleasure to lie in the sun after a reinvigorating swim, and cold winter evenings; that’s why we created a modern glass structure that would offer Atlantic guests the very best.

In the summer our pool is open-air and from autumn to the beginning of spring the huge telescopic dome of the Atlantjde closes automatically, guaranteeing a welcoming atmosphere in which, as well as the warmth of local seawater heated to 30°C, guests can enjoy a huge relaxation area where it is a pleasure to walk around barefoot (the floor is heated too!) and enjoy an almost summer-like atmosphere thanks to the delightful sensation of being embraced by a light, warm and relaxing breeze.

Filled with seawater, the pool has become a symbol of the Atlantic, the only hotel in Riccione to offer you the possibility to dive into a pool of seawater even in deepest winter. Just imagine the extraordinary sensation of diving into a pool full of seawater even in mid-winter.

This is an exclusive feature of the Atlantic Hotel in Riccione! For your free time and for your wellness.

Atlantjde is an innovative and sophisticated wellness space that is open to the sun and the breeze from the sea it overlooks in the summer, but is protected by a large glass telescopic dome during winter.

The Atlantjde offers:
• pool filled with seawater that has been purified and heated;
• covered pool in winter, open-air pool in summer;
• sun terrace and relaxation area around the pool;
• whirlpool for a wonderful massage in seawater;
• swimming trainer and whirlpool in the pool with against the current option;
• sauna;
• fitness area with Tecnogym equipment;
• personalized massage therapy treatments.

But not only...

Atlantjde is an area that has been designed to host events with truly innovative logistical and technological solutions thanks to which it is possible, for example, to transform a seawater-filled pool into a huge exhibition space or even organize a gala dinner for 400 people on the water in the middle of winter in a single, large room. This really is a unique, one-off opportunity to organize great events in Riccione.

This is a truly unique opportunity to organize major events in Riccione.

And there’s more...

Atlantjde is the perfect location for image events too: a fashion show in Riccione, on a stage suspended above the water or large areas lit by sunlight that best showcase the work and products on display are just some of the many possibilities Atlantjde offers.
Thanks to road access, it is even possible to exhibit a car suspended over the pool!