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Quality dishes, Atlantic Hotel Riccione

At the Atlantic the focus on quality food has always been on the agenda: in fact, we could say that good food has been in the Atlantic’s DNA since May 1970 when the Ricci family inaugurated a tradition of hospitality that has already lasted over forty years.

Over time, authentic “eras” in cuisine (and service) style have succeeded one another, right up to the present day.

Now, alongside the experience and creativity of our chefs, there is a need to focus increasingly on the quality of raw materials and ingredients* in order to enhance the most wholesome and genuine and prepare balanced dishes and recipes.

Naturally, all this without forgetting the particular characteristics of a food and wine tradition that has made good food something we are proud of both in Italy and worldwide.

We think it is important to exalt the typical produce of the territory: the number of food-aware guests is growing constantly and it has become important for us to be able to guarantee the certified origin of our dishes.

The new menus served at the Green Restaurant at the Atlantic reflect this need and at the same time, have become even more enjoyable to leaf through: at lunch and dinner, with over 30 choices a day, we specifically highlight all low-calorie dishes, as well as all those suitable for guests who follow a vegetarian diet.

PDO products have also become one of the main criteria of choice for our chefs when considering their daily shopping list: we favour protected designation of origin food products and dishes prepared in this way are always pointed out on our menus.

Every day at the Atlantic it is thus possible (and indeed pleasant) for guests to follow a vegetarian diet or simply a low-calorie one or to focus on the discovery of PDO dishes with ingredients that, as well as better quality, often guarantee more genuine flavours too.