Philosophy of Atlantic Cuisine

Philosophy of Atlantic Cuisine, Atllantic Hotel Riccione

Wholesome and organic food, passion and quality menus dedicated to all those who love to eat well.

At the Atlantic our full focus is on excellent quality: from typical ingredients to the most genuine recipes, from rich but wholesome menus to wines.

We pay attention to every detail in order to respect nature and the seasons and our cuisine is therefore, inspired by a series of important values:

Natural is the style of Atlantic cuisine: with organic ingredients, recipes and menus.

Typicality means we focus on food from its original area of production.

Creativity designed to offer healthy and wholesome food in delightful colours and combinations that are never dull.

Good taste what’s “good” at the Atlantic lies in the substance, form and gratification of the palate.

Lightness because quality cuisine, not even the richest and tastiest menus, is never heavy.

Organic foods that exalt genuine flavours, with farms and growers that work in harmony with nature.

Vegetarian dishes for those who love to delight their palate with vegetarian menus, from aperitifs through to dessert.

Fresh flavours in every Atlantic dish; from fish to meat, from vegetables to fruit.

Wellness at the table is the perfect complement to a holiday based on wellness and relaxation at the Atlantic Hotel.

Gluten-free dishes in every menu, from breakfast to gala dinners, cooked in a creative manner.

Food awareness is the guideline followed by Atlantic cuisine, to offer our guests the best.

Respect for traditions the cuisine of Romagna, a rich and generous land.