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tripadvisor_travallers_choice_2015_mini TRAVELLER'S CHOICHE 2015 | BEST ITALIAN HOTELS | BEST LUXURY HOTELS IN ITALY


The Atlantic has been awarded two Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice 2015 prize, for being in the list of top 25 Hotels in Italy and of top of 25 Luxury Hotels in Italy, defining it as “a pleasant surprise”, thus including us in a ranking system that numbers many renowned veterans of this sought after prize.

Furthermore Tripadvisor, the renowned social network in the travel and tourism field, has gathered over 1000 reviews of the Atlantic, and in over 900 of them our hotel is considered Excellent, thus gaining the Tripadvisor 2015 Certificate of Excellence with top marks.

The care and attention that we devote to guests who choose the Atlantic were rewarded by Trivago as well. This portal analyses hotel offers, compares them and collects marks for the quality of their hospitality. The Atlantic Hotel in Riccione has also reached 1st position among the Top Beach Hotels in Italy for the Emilia Romagna region.

At the end of a stay we ask our guests to give us their opinions, suggestions, and comments. Our guests’ opinions are our main benchmark.

Hospitality at the Atlantic focuses on the requirements, preferences, and wishes of our Guests: thanks to their constant feedback we can constantly improve, offering tailored services, suggestions, and solutions, and updating our hotel, furnishings, and rooms to make them even more functional and pleasant.

Here you will find the comments of our Guests who have accepted to take part in our customer satisfaction programme.

We hope that at the end of your stay at the Atlantic, you too will add your personal and favourable opinion about us.