“Perfect vacation spot in Italy”

We are coming to Europe for a beach vacation every year and been in most places in France, Spain and Italy. Hotel Atlantic in Riccione is now one of our favorite places. It’s perfectly located, had excellent SPA and pool with sea water. What make it one of our favorite places are two things:
1. Restaurant
2. Staff
Food is so good that we have only one concern how to hold ourselves from overeating. Chef in the Restaurant is exceptional. Not only food is excellent, but presentation is outstanding.

Metrodotel in the Restaurant speaks several languages and perfect English. He is very friendly and courteous and was giving well advises on what to order and sometimes even making for us special orders. Waiters are very professional. They are not running around, but they are always at hand when you need them.

Staff at the reception is also very polite and trying to help. I had to run a video conference call back with US, so even WiFi in the hotel is good, I was afraid that because I need audio and video capability the regular WiFi in the room would not be enough. I asked for help and was given a special private conference room with landline connection to the network that provides much better bandwidth.

I am traveling a lot on business in US and stayed in Ritz Carlton and W, and honestly I was surprised that in a small vacation spot in Italy, I would be able to find stand alone (not a corporate chain) hotel that is providing the same level of professionalism with some personal touch, as a well established corporate giants that spend huge amount of money on training of their personnel.

Kudos to the General Manager of this hotel, who was able to build such a good hotel that treats you as a royalty and leaving you with a wish to come back again next time!

mf1212 Atlanta
mf1212 Atlanta


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